Colombia | La Plata | Washed


Tasting Notes: Juicy guava, milk chocolate, and panela
Region: Huila
Process:  Washed
Producers: Various
Farm: La Plata
Varietal: Mixed

Recipe: Espresso - 1:2.5    Filter - 1:1

La Plata sits on the lush foothills of the Central Colombian Andes mountain range. it's one of the oldest municipalities in Huila, and has a rich and storied past. Originally “discovered” by the Spanish colonists during a campaign they carried out in the neighboring region—now the department of Cauca—with the ultimate goal of finding El Dorado, in 1553. Upon arrival, the Spanish became even more interested in the area once they learned of the presence of nearby silver mines, hence its name (plata means silver in Spanish).

Over the last two decades, La Plata’s specialty coffee has begun to be recognized for its high-quality, bright, acidic and sweet profiles. We think this coffee is super sweet, with notes of panela, or unrefined cane sugar, a staple in every Colombian pantry.

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