COE No.5 BRAZIL | Sitio Cachoeira | Cataui | Natural (100gms)

COE No.5 BRAZIL | Sitio Cachoeira | Cataui | Natural (100gms)

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Awards: COE No. 5 (Cup of Excellence)
 Sitio Cachoeira

Farmer: Jose Bernardes Santana Jr.
Region: Matas de Minas
Elevation:  1080-1260 masl
Varietal: Catuai

Processing: Natural - fruit driven coffees with greater complexity of flavors; textual, creamy, silky and buttery

Tasting Notes: 
Honey, melon, violet, papaya, cardamom, grape, pineapple, ginger, black currant orange, sparkling acidity, super sweet and juicy AF!

Black: Just like you wouldn't add soda your best whiskey, this amazing coffee is meant to be drank black

About this award winning coffee:
When I went to judge at Brazil Natural COE competition in 2017 I was looking for the best coffee of the year. Some- times magic things just happen. My absolute favourite coffee of the Brazil Cup Of Excellence for 2017 was produced by this legend Jose Bernardes Santana Jr. I was super excited to meet him as his coffee just absolutely blew my mind. I scored it 96 points! It was so sweet and juicy, pink and orange fruit, sparkling acidity. From a region in Brazil that is really exciting everyone with its new profile for Brazil, Araponga. The next day after meeting Jose we headed to Carmo de Minas to meet up with some old friends. Next thing I know I stumble across an old photo from about 4 years ago. I didn’t realize but I’d already met Jose, in fact I made some espresso for him out of his own coffee! We couldn’t speak to each other, so we just shared a moment together over his beautiful coffee... My mind has been blown again. Thank you Brazil and thank you coffee - you continue to surprise and inspire me! Lookout world there is some seriously special things coming out the Brazil. If you think Brazil is just for blenders and naturals are just too funky. Prepare to have your socks blown off.... the Brazilians are coming! - Nolan Hirte, Founder Proud Mary

About the farm:
Jose walks in his father’s footsteps. He is committed to producing quality coffee on his farm. He is the son of Jose Bernardes de Santana, a coffee producer with over 40 years of experience, for 3 consecutive years he has been a finalist in the COE – Naturals competition. Since 2003, he has received several awards in contests promoted by BSCA.

The coffee cherries are picked by hand, washed, and dried on patios. The cherries are separated based ripeness: green, ripe and dry; and are separated on the patio to maintain their properties and qualities. They go through different types of drying, on patios, on African beds, and in a greenhouse. The result, an absolute baller coffee!


100gm jar (3.5oz)