COE No. 1 BRAZIL Bom Jardim

COE No. 1 BRAZIL Bom Jardim

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Farm: Bom Jardim
Producer: Gabriel Alves Nunes
COE Score: 92.33
Region: Patrocinio, Minas Gerais
Elevation: 950 masl
Varietal: Yellow Bourbon J10
Process: Pulped Natural
Notes:  Strawberry, mango and guava!


Farmer Gabriel Alves Nunes @nunescoffee has defied all odds to produce one crazy good pulp natural coffee from a region of Brazil (Cerrado) that is known more for its’ ability to produce extremely large volumes of coffee.

Gabriel used anaerobic fermentation on this lot to out score all the other entries from all over Brazil. This is some ground breaking history for Cerrado and Brazil. Gabriel’s coffee went to auction in early December last year and sold for a staggering $120 per lb…. Proud Mary secured only 10kg here in the US.

When we spoke with Gabriel in detail he explained the lengths that he went to make this coffee what it is. At first he placed all the fresh picked coffee cherries in grain pro bags and sealed them tight to ferment without oxygen for 36 hours, he made sure they stayed a stable temperature during those 36 hours by taking all the bags into the middle of the forest!

After 36 hours of fermenting, he removed the pulp (skin) and then washed the coffee and soaked it in water inside a big stainless steel fermentation take for a further 24 hours. Then it finally laid to rest and dry down to a 11% moisture content over 25 days on raised beds.

Gabriel has a big smile and is very proud… So he should be. This is one exceptional coffee from a very special place. Enjoy!