100g Tin | El Salvador | Los Bellotos | Bernadina | Washed | Filter

100g Tin | El Salvador | Los Bellotos | Bernadina | Washed | Filter

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El Salvador: Los Bellotos Bernardina.

4.3kg only for 2017! Get it now or wait another 365!

There stood five intriguing coffee trees. Ruperto Bernardino Merche, Farm Manager of Finca Los Bellotos clearly pointed this out. They were noticeably different in physical appearance to the others. These trees are all extremely old in age. 50 years to be exact. Once the identification took place, the pickers in the field confirmed that there was a unique smell emanating from the fresh cherries. What could this be? After these strong affirmations, the coffee was taken to Vivagua Mill, where it was processed separately. The smell of the pulped cherries filled the mill. Loud tropical fruits, mango and peach. “It's got to be Geisha!”

Bernardina hails from Finca Los Bellotos, owned and operated by the Pacas family in El Salvador. An exciting new discovery that was unearthed in 2015. Originally thought to be the Geisha varietal as it bears similarities in cup profile (floral, perfume aromatics and tropical fruits). However, conclusive scientific DNA analysis highlights that the varietal shares 71% of its alleles (genes) with Geisha. Despite sharing some similarities, Bernardina is comprised of a unique genetic composition. This makes Bernardina a newly discovered varietal within El Salvador and worldwide. The varietal resembles similarities to samples originating from Ethiopia, in particular a sample originating from the Agaro region. The varietal ‘Bernardina' was named by the Pacas family after Ruperto Bernardino Merche, the farm manager of the Los Bellotos estate. Bernardina is an exclusive coffee to Proud Mary Coffee Roasters for 2016/17, worldwide.



Discovered in 2015. Perfume aromatics, supported by a textural body. Seeds are elongated in shape.

NOTES: Daphne flower, sparkling apricot, lime, turkish delight, creamy and silky

Cherry is pulped, fermented and washed removing all sticky mucilage. This creates a vibrant, sweet and clean cup