100g Tin | Panama | Bambito Estate | Geisha | Washed | Filter

100g Tin | Panama | Bambito Estate | Geisha | Washed | Filter

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Farm: Bambito Estate

Region: Bambito, Chiriqui Province

Elevation: 1600 - 1900 m.a.s.l

Processing: Washed

Varietal: Geisha


Alberto Sittón Rios acquired a farm or “finca” as they are called in Spanish, in the mountains of Bambito, Chiriqui Province, Panama from his father in 1945.  The farm in Bambito was Alberto’s passion as it was his way to continue a family tradition in coffee farming. 

Today the Estate continues to be a family run business owned by Itza Sittón Amar, Alberto’s daughter and run by her husband Fito and son Rafa.  Coffee continues to be a family tradition handed down from generation to generation so it’s not surprising to see one of Itza’s five grandchildren walking the farm or talking to the farm workers about the year’s crop. Bambito Estate Coffee is active in social responsibility programs in the surrounding community that include medical assistance, clothing donations and support through the Rotary Foundation Scholarship Program of children in a nearby elementary school

There is a small meticulous production of Geisha that adds to their value and rarity, coupled with immaculate selection and coffee processing. Greater labour is required to reach these quality standards. These coffees possess some very unique flavours and characteristics that add significant monetary value. Similar to a fine wine, whisky or cheese, you will see a clear distinction and superior qualities in the Geisha.