Colombia | Finca El Recreo | Washed

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Tasting Notes:
Malt, milk chocolate, juicy white nectarine and pear, bright green apple acidity

San Agustín



Oscar Javier Diaz Viveros

Recommended Recipe:
Espresso - 1:2.5

Filter - 1:17

About the farm:

Finca El Recreo is located just 300 meters away from the Arqueological Park of San Agustín, Colombia. Oscar Javier Diaz Viveros is a third genration coffee producer. For many years Oscars parents witnessed treasure hunters scouting their farm to look for artifacts and products left by creative, imaginative, and skilled indigenous people who occupied the surrounding lands from the 1st through 8th centuries. The geographic location, microclimate, and perfect soil conditios of El Recreo enables Oscar to produce high quality coffee. In addition to the high quality San Augustin terrain, Oscar is PECA certified and manages his farm alongside his wife and his mother. The program benefits the whole supply chain as each Certified farmer makes continuous efforts towards producing quality coffee.