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If you'd like to get your hands on our beans email orders@proudmarycoffee.com. Proud Mary is excited to be offering wholesale in the USA and partner with some really great US brands.

Our Coffee
We have been sourcing coffee direct from origin since 2009. We currently have five Q-Graders on staff that ensure our quality control standards. We believe the real heroes are the coffee farmers. It takes years of investing in farmers and committing to buy their coffee year in and year out to work towards better tasting coffee. By sharing the story behind the bean, allows customers to feel connected to the product.

Our training program is more then just coffee training. We also offer specialised industry Management training for the hospitality industry. Our training programs have been developed in Melbourne, Australia the most competitive cafe market in the world! Our training and education is world class and will help to engage your employees and grow your sales. We are the only coffee roasters in America to offer this as part of our exclusive training package!


Tech & Maintenance Support

No matter what issues you have we are like a 7-11 and are there to support you and make sure your business is not interrupted. We value your equipment just as much as we value our relationship with you. We have partnered with what we think are the best technicians in the US. Wherever our coffee goes - we make sure we send the best technicians with it. Our training programs also help you implement best practice to ensure your equipment will not let you down eg. cleaning, changing burrs. Depending on your relationship with us we can ensure competitive pricing or can cover equipment servicing for you.

To ensure quality in the cup the Proud Mary team are across the best products solutions in the business. Of course we love having the best equipment, we understand the importance of working within budget. We are able to recommend great equipment solutions that will deliver a quality product and ensure an efficient workflow. We have strong relationship with quality suppliers and can hook you up with the best equipment, at the best price!

Cafe Design & the Australia Cafe Model
Proud Mary is not just a coffee roastery - we are a international cafe brand. We have cafes in the US and Australia and bring over 20 years experience in the hospitality industry. Founder and CEO, Nolan Hirte is world renowned for quality coffee, breakfast, lunch and service. His hands-on approach means he understands every part of your business from the ground up. He has not only designed his own cafes and coffee roasteries - he has also built them with this own hands! Proud Mary has featured in publications around the world including Dwell Magazine for interior design. However beautiful the spaces are, they are designed to ensure efficiency and are focused around the delivering the ultimate customer experience!

Proud Mary pioneered what is now know internationally as the Australian Cafe Model. This model merges coffee, breakfast, lunch and quality service (all the good things in life!) We can offer insights in the hospitality industry including:

  • Workflow and efficiency
  • Staff engagement
  • Quality of the service
  • Product quality and consistency
  • Overall business operations
  • Increase profit margin
  • Cafe design (including kitchen, bar and floor)