El Salvador | San Joaquin | Red Bourbon | Honey | Espresso

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Farm: San Joaquin

Region: Canton Lomas de San Marcelino

Elevation: 1400 to 1600 masl

Varietal: Red Bourbon

Process: Honey


About:  Finca San Joaquin is a part of the reputable collection of farms from the Pacas family in El Salvador.  Proud Mary is privileged to have worked  with the Pacas family for six years having acquired a multitude of varietals from a collection of their farms in 2015.  San Joaquin Estate produces a considerable amount of the Bourbon variety however it also produces additional varietals such as this Pacamara. 

This Pacamara varietal is a cross between the Pacas natural mutation of Bourbon, and the large Maragogipe, an offspring of Typica known primarily for its size and flavour. The Pacamara can exhibit dark fruit flavours with a pointed acidity.  Within San Joaquin at its highest elevation exists a natural cypress forest that has been conserved. The forest provides a habitat for endangered mammals, birds and reptiles. It is located at the Ayeco Mount, on the north eastern part of the Lamatepec Volcano.