Ethiopian 'Sulladjah' Abana Estate | Natural

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Tasting Notes:
Fruit, plums, cherries, chocolate and strawberries, silky body & apricot acidity

: Espresso: 1:2.5    Filter:  1:17

Farm: Abana Estate
Variety: Ethiopian heirloom
Process: Natural
Region: Limmu
Altitude: 2100-2200 masl

Michael and Chris Omran literally grew up in their parents cafes in the Bay area. For the better part of the past 25 years their father has been passionately involved in humanitarian aid and development projects in poverty stricken areas of the Middle East and Africa. His travels took him to Ethiopia and he saw that some of the most beautiful and perfect coffee growing areas were very impoverished. Abana is a family owned business and started as a result of their passion for coffee and community. Since they are coffee lovers and care about people, the Omran family decided to start a coffee farm in Ethiopia!

This coffee is an exceptionally complex coffee from the Limmu region. “Sulladjah” is the name that was given to the highest part of the farm at around 2,200 masl. This is where a community of people live and work that area of the farm. It is an extraordinary place with forest and a natural spring straight out of the mountain side that creates a little water fall.