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Coffee payload is updated by season, the best selection available, and roaster pride/preference

What Do I Get?

You'll receive one of Proud Mary's flagship single origin coffees, direct to your door with FREE SHIPPING!

These single origin coffees, are great all-rounders; espresso, pour-over, french press, black or with cream - it's all good! They're the same single origin coffees we serve at our cafe in Portland and our customers are loving it!

The Nitty-Gritty:

Keep an eye out. We will be evolving your single origin coffees as we go! We're always fresh at Proud Mary, and we're always serving up the best coffee available, which means we mix it up from time to time.

Our Producers:

We work personally with all our producers and exporters. Our close connection to our farmers means they spend their entire year producing coffee especially for us so we can craft it into something incredible for you.

Subscription Details:

Your credit card will be charged, automatically, prior to dispatch. You can change your upcoming order, and manage your subscriptions, by contacting us at:

If you have any questions about our coffee, brewing, or delivery services please don't hesitate to reach out.