Q: How often do you change the coffees in the subscription?

A: The guiding light behind our subscriptions is to introduce our customers to the coffees that we’re most excited about. It could be a coffees that’s just arrived and is super fresh and tasty, or something that we’re just in love with.

While we don’t have a hard and fast rule as to how frequently the coffees change, we try to ensure some rotation every month.

We have a pretty even split between subscribers who receive deliveries every week, every two weeks, and every month.

Switching up the coffees once a month allows those customers receiving coffee every 30 day to not miss out on any of the good stuff.

Because coffee is an agricultural crop, that only harvests once a year, occasionally, there will be times where there is less variety available, and a coffee will stay on the subscription list for a little longer.


Q: If I order more than one bag in my subscription, will all the bags be the same?

A: Yes. Whether your subscription is for one bag or four bags, you’ll receive your desired quantity of the coffee that fits your selected category (Mild, Curious, or Wild) for the month.


Q: Can I specify which coffee I want to receive in my subscription?

A: No. One of the great things about our subscription model, is that we’re making it as easy as possible. Just pick a category that most closely reflects your flavor preferences, and we’ll take care of the rest.


Q: Can I add extra items to ship with my subscription?

A: Unfortunately, at this time, we’re not able to add one-time purchases to ship with your subscription. This is a limitation of the subscription software that we’re using, and something that we’re working on trying to fix. Please check back soon for updates.


Q: Can I pause my subscription, if I’m going on vacation and won’t be at home to drink my coffee?

A: Yes. Just login to the account you were prompted to create during the checkout process. From there you’re able to skip individual shipments. You can even change the frequency of your regular shipments, or change the category of your subscription.


Q: Can I change my subscription to a different category?

A: Yes. Just login to the account you were prompted to create during the checkout process. From there you’re able to make changes to your subscription; including switching to a different category (Mild, Curious, or Wild), skipping an individual shipment (if you’re going out of town or on vacation), or changing the frequency of your regular shipments.


Q: How do I access my account? I keep getting an error message, saying no account exists under my email address.

A: Register your account here. You must use the email address that's associated with your subscription, where you receive order confirmations / tracking information etc.


Q: What’s the whole Mild, Curious, & Wild thing about?

A: We talk about our feelings … with a lot more time to think lately, we've been obsessing over how folks buy coffee. About how hard it can be to navigate things like farm, varietal, altitude, process, even barista attitudes … we think it’s too damn hard.

At our cafe, of course we'll happily walk you through the menu and find something to suit you - but realistically, that’s not always possible.

Our new Mild to Wild range is designed to get to the point - how coffees make us feel... right there on the front of the bag.

Feel like a big warm hug? We have you covered. Feeling like it's too early to think at all, that you just need coffee, we have that sorted, too. Something a little outside of the box (but not too far)? Don’t worry, you’re all set. Wanna go totally out there, and dive in headfirst? Oh boy, we’ve got you.

Choose a category that best suits you and rest easy that all the coffees in there have been selected to meet your expectations … and be just right.