Proud Mary was founded by Nolan Hirte in 2009 in Melbourne, Australia. A cafe and coffee brand, Proud Mary offers products and services that improve the start of your day so dramatically, that it's impossible to go back to the way things used to be. 

At our first US location in beautiful Portland, Oregon we aim to provide an amazing and heart felt experience for our customers. 

We offer all-day breakfast, delicious lunch, specialty coffee (roasted by us), specialty tea, fresh juice, smoothies, cakes and pastries  and table-service. We love what we do and in true Australian-style we have a genuine, warm, fun and sometimes a little bit cheeky nature and can't wait to spoil our customers!

Like our big sister cafe Proud Mary in Melbourne Australia, the café in the Alberta Arts District offers all the goods things in life. We thrilled to be using fresh, healthy, sustainable, ethically and locally sourced producers.

While we focus on quality we equally hold impact and ethical business practices at the forefront of what we do. Every decision made for the business considers these important values right from sourcing our products, to servicing it to our customers here is Portland or back in Melbourne.
Our passion for coffee has shaped the company that is the Proud Mary brand. We feel privileged to be part of the international specialty coffee community and this fills us with pride, and offers a sense of fulfilment every day. We travel to origin to source the best coffee we can get our hands on.

We believe that at origin there is a real need to make things better for all those involved in coffee production. It takes years of investing in farmers and committing to buy
their coffee year in and year out to work towards better tasting and higher-quality coffee. Paying more for your daily cup of coffee can have an positive impact on coffee farmers and their workers. Good coffee doesn’t happen by accident!

We look forward to showcasing some really special coffees and sharing the story behind the bean. We hope that like in Australia our customers feel connected to the product, knowing that their purchase is supporting the lives of coffee farmers and their families.