Brazil | Serra Das Tres Barras | Pulp Natural

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Tasting Notes:
Caramel fudge, mandarin, apricot acidity, big creamy body

Serra da Mantiqueira

Yellow Bourbon

Pulp Natural

Jose' Wagner

Recommended Recipe:
Espresso - 1:2.5
Filter - 1:17

About the farm:
Nolan Hirte (CEO and Founder, Proud Mary) first visited Serra das Tres Barras in 2011. Proud Mary has partnered with Jose Wagner and Serra das Tres Barras as the consistency and quality of the coffee is maintained year after year. This was one of the coffees that changed Nolan’s perception of Brazils. In 2012, we bought the entire lot of Cup of Excellence No. 4, which was Jose Wagner’s coffee and ran it as our house blend at Proud Mary Cafe in Melbourne, Australia. This was a great way to share some love with our customers and spread the message about this amazing coffee! This year again is a cracking crop, expect heavy winey notes and raspberry that shine through in the cup!