COLOMBIA La Negrita | Maragogype | Washed DELUXE

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Tasting Notes: Raspberry, passion fruit, red apple acidity, malt, spice, big heavy body
Process: Washed
Producer: Mauricio and Liliana Shattah
Farm Name: La Negrita
Varietal: Maragogype
Altitude: 1780-2100 masl

Offering a beautiful panoramic view of the Nevado del Tolima Volcano at 1780-2100 masl. La Negrita has special land and climactic characteristics, dew almost every morning of the year as well as more than four natural water springs that nurture the rich volcanic soil. Surrounded 360 degrees by mountains, direct sun rarely hits the coffee plantations creating a permanent shade-grown coffee that is seen in the complexity of the cup.

After finishing his education in medicine, producer Mauricio Shattah went back to his other passion which has always been specialty coffee. With his wife Liliana, after searching for more than 5 years, they finally found the land where the farm currently stands. As she found it he named it after her endearment nickname "Mi Negrita Linda" and ended up being known as La Negrita or La Negrita de Shattah.

La Negrita has always had a scientific approach for producing specialty coffee and has more than seven exotic varietals planted including Bourbon, Laurina, Red and Yellow Maragogype, Mokka, and Red and Yellow Geisha.

They also have more than 8 different processing methods such as honey, natural, semi-washed, different types of acid fermentation, fully washed and they often use brewing yeasts and organic acidulates (Tartaric, Malic, Citric).