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Sitio Sertãozinho is managed by Paulo Ribeiro Rocha, his daughters and sons-in-law. Working with specialty coffee has given his family a better life! The farm is located near the city Cristina, in the south of Minas Gerais, in Serra da Mantiqueira region. With mountainous topography, and has a differentiated climate and soils favorable for producing specialty coffee.

This farm was acquired with an inheritance from Rocha’s parents, and he began coffee cultivation 40 years ago - from the start he focused on quality coffee. He is dedicated to growing coffee sustainably, preserving the environment and are members of the ASCARIVE Fair Trade Association. Rocho and his family are passionate about preserving springs and native forests on the farm, which shelter large plant species and native animals.

The harvest is selective, only picking the ripe berries; they are picked by hand over cloths to avoid contact with the ground. On the same day it is picked, the coffee is put into bags and transported to the farms’ processing centre.

Next the coffee is washed and the beans are separated. It is then dried on cement patios until it reaches the ideal moisture level. After drying, the coffee is placed in wooden granaries to rest for a period of at least 30 days. After resting, the beans are processed and separated into lots.

Recommended Recipe:
Espresso - 1:2.5

Filter - 1:17

Serra da Mantiqueira


Yellow Catuai

Paulo Ribeiro Rocha

masl: 1200-1350

91 points

Tasting Notes
Tropical fruit bomb! Juicy yellow peaches, sparkling, orange acidity, nectarine and plummy goodness

Natural process, fruit driven coffees with greater complexity regarding flavors. They are textual often being creamy, silky and buttery