El Salvador | San Joaquin | Red Bourbon | Natural

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Tasting Notes: Cherry, red wine, & milk chocolate
Relationship: Since 2012

Region: Santa Ana
Process:  Natural
Producer: Pacas Family
Farm: Finca San Joaquin
Varietal: Red Bourbon

Recipe: Espresso - 1:2.5    Filter - 1:1

Finca San Joaquin is a part of the reputable collection of farms from the Pacas family in El Salvador.

At San Joaquin’s highest elevation there is a natural cypress forest that has been conserved. The forest provides a habitat for endangered mammals, birds, and reptiles, on the northeastern part of the Lamatepec Volcano.
This particular coffee is hand-picked directly from the tree, and is sundried as a whole cherry. Through this process, we get delicious notes of cherry, red wine, milk chocolate with a big syrupy body.

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