El Salvador | Santa Maria | Mixed | Washed

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Tasting Notes: Milk chocolate, stewed apple, & peanut butter
Region: Santa Ana
Producers: Maria Pacas
Process: Washed
Recipe: Espresso - 1:2.5   |   Filter - 1:17

About the farm:
The influence the Pacas family has had in their country’s coffee industry is nothing short of amazing. When Gerardo Barrios (Salvadoran president between 1859-63) introduced the idea of growing coffee as a permanent crop, Don Jose Rosa Pacas, a lawyer by profession, seized this opportunity. 150 years of hard work later, the Pacas family hasn’t looked back. Maria Pacas (Don Jose’s Great-Great Granddaughter) and her siblings are the 5th generation coffee farmers, employing over 900 workers; including a few who started working for them when Maria was just a kid. The high cost of coffee production in El Salvador is challenging. It’s a crop that is very vulnerable, and many farmers are not meeting their cost, and are just abandoning their farms. Drinking this coffee supports a number of social projects funded by the Pacas family in their local community, including a coffee certification program to train the next generation of coffee producers. For Maria, she'd like you to be aware of how many hands had to touch each coffee bean before it made it into your cup, and how many lives are involved in producing a special cup of coffee! Your consumption contributes in such a positive way to the people and the environment in El Salvador! Thank you.

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