Ethiopian | Special Prep Qonqona 'Benso' Grade 1 | Natural

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Gotta love a good Ethiopian and this coffee sure is a crowd pleaser! It is flying off the shelves at the cafe in Portland, really delivering full flavor in the cup.

Qonqona mill draws from the beautiful Qonqona river and is positioned 2km from the bustling town of Daye in the heart of Sidama, Ethiopia. The name of Qonqona's Manager is fitting: Eshettu, which means 'ripe fruit' or 'cherry'. The coffees here are as vivid and bright as the people who grow and process them, drawing from cherries between 1700 and 2100 masl in elevation. 

These two naturally occuring heirloom varietals known localled as Mikicho and Setami are vibrant and dynamic coffees! The Mikicho variety looks a lot like Geisha. These two varieties together offer a unique tea-like characteristics of heavy tropical fruits. 

Recommended Recipe
Espresso - 1:2.5

Filter - 1:17

Bensa District, Sidama


Mikicho + Setami + mixed indigenour heirloom varietals

Assesfa Dukama

Tasting Notes
Plummy red fruits, all spice and syrupy raspberry fruit leather

Sun Dried Natural, dried on raised beds