Guatemala | Don Higinio Gomez | Yellow Pacamara | WASHED | Espresso

Guatemala | Don Higinio Gomez | Yellow Pacamara | WASHED | Espresso

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Farm: Los Moritas
Farmer: Don Higinio Gomez
Region: Sierra De Las Minas
Elevation: 1700 masl
Varietal: Yellow Pacamara
Process: Washed

Tasting Notes: Peach, pineapple, tangy apricot, green apple and tea-like

This coffee has a roast profile that is great for drip coffee, french press, V60 and is well suited to milk or cream or black.

The Story Behind the Bean:
Absolute gold! We first heard of this coffee when Nolan travelled to Guatemala in 2016. The pictures Nolan brought back showed one mammoth sized yellow coffee cherry. For 2017, we got to cup and taste the incredible character of this coffee. The varietal is Yellow Pacamara, which is known for its large (bean) physical size and vibrant citric acidity. The man behind this operation is Don Higinio Gomez.

About the Farm:
Located in the Sierra de Las Minas mountain ranges, the coffee trees are incredibly lush, healthy and full of cherries.