HONDURAS COE#3 Fani Yeselia Moreno Lopez | 100gm tin

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Honduras is one of our favorite origins, and this Cup of Exellence (COE) winning coffee is jumping off the cupping table! Fani Yeselia Moreno Lopez is an really is an inspiration to us all! 

Farm: Nacimiento
Producer: Fani Yeselia Moreno Lopez
Santa Barbara, El Cielito
Elevation:  1650 masl
COE score: 91.18

Varietal:  Pacas
Process:  Washed
Tasting Notes:  Red apple, honey, orange, juicy, creamy & molasses
Awards: 3rd Place - Honduras COE 2018


Fani Yeselia Moreno Lopez is an inspiration to us all! She is a third generation coffee farmer and mother of three kids. She is a badass, with a spirit and willingness to produce great coffee and a clearly defined work ethic. As a farmer, she only picks the ripe cherries, using clean natural spring water to wash the cherries, a pulp machine with classifier, and solar patios to dry the coffee. Yeselia analyses her coffees quality by sending cupping samples to partners at San Vicente Mill. To help preserve the soil, she uses contour plowing and living barriers.

In 2006, the Lopez family came in second place in the Cup of Excellence (COE), that same year Yeselia and Job bought the property where they currently farm and soon after she gave birth to their first two children. Yeselia has been faced with big challenges including having to treat rust on her farm, struggling with a lack of human resources, and bad conditions on rural streets. She is determined to focus on specialty coffee production and dreams of one day winning the Honduras COE! Yeselia intends to continue to produce exceptional coffee, using an agroforestry system focused on the protection of the environment. She would love to buy a new property to help support her children, who one day she hopes will follow in her footsteps.

How to drink: Just like you wouldn't add soda your best whiskey, this amazing coffee is meant to be drank black with no sugar or cream.

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