HONDURAS | Nahun Fernandez | Pacas | NATURAL

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Farm: Finca Don Andres 
Region: Las Flores, Santa Barbara  
Elevation: 1500 – 1580 masl 
Processing: Natural 
Varietal: Pacas

Tasting Notes: Strawberry jam, candied watermelon, syrupy and creamy

This coffee has a roast profile that is great for drip coffee, french press, V60 and is well suited to milk or cream or black.

The Story Behind the Bean:
He needs no introduction. Nahun Fernandez has become synonymous with Proud Mary Coffee Roasters over the past six years! Honduras has got to be one of our favourite origins throughout Central America, based on profile alone.

It just keeps on getting better each year! The Nahun natural is a showstopper. This year it brings some refinement regarding its cleanliness and elegance. Through the full natural process, it creates a big strawberry jam note with tropical fruits such as pineapple and melon. Why does it get better each year? It’s a two fold process. Nahun is highly motivated to improve quality each year. Secondly, from previous experiments, Nahun understands the impact of climate, varietal selection, and processing. These all influence the flavour and quality of the final product. Watch out 2018.....the naturals are looking good!

About the Farmer:
March 2017. Here we are back in the heart and soul of Honduras. We traveled back to the Las Flores region to visit our dear friends the Fernandez family. It has been a full year, however, as soon as you’re back on the finca, it feels like you never really left. Huge smiles and wide-open arms welcome you back. It feels emotional and it’s a strong tangible connection you share with the family and their land. Nahun has been busy! Yet again quality has surpassed last year, with all lots, varietals, and processes shining in flavor. Clear distinction, big flavours, and a guarantee to put a smile on your face! We hope you enjoy!