DELUXE EDITION: HONDURAS Rodin Moreno | Pacas | Natural

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Tasting Notes: Strawberry, papaya, plum & cherry blossom
Region: El Cedral, Santa Barbara
Varietal: Pacas
Process:  Natural
Recipe: Espresso - 1:2.5    Filter - 1:17

About the farm:
The young gun and entrepreneur, Mr Rodin Moreno unleashes his first ever production of natural Pacas for 2018! This experimental lot was instigated during our visit to Rodin’s farm in March this year, in order to diversify his skill set and allow him to earn more from his coffee. Rodin has nailed this experiment and produced a coffee with tropical notes and confectionary sweetness.

He has also grown remarkably as an entrepreneur and now manages a team that assists other coffee producers with farm maintenance in El Cedral. Rodin has also bought some cows to make his own cheese and some horses to help traverse his land. Get behind this young, hardworking and dedicated entrepreneur!

Roasting days:
Proud Mary roast Monday-Friday during normal business hours. To ensure freshness of coffee, best to order early in the week as postal services and couriers do not operate on weekends. 

Orders placed by 8.30am PST will be roasted and dispatched the same day. If you are ordering on a Friday, and order after 8.30am then your coffee will be roasted the following business day - Monday.