Kenya | Karumandi Kirinyaga (2018) | Washed

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Tasting Notes:
Bright citrus acidity, currant, berries & caramel


SL28, Ruiri 11 & SL34

Processing: Fully Washed & Sundried 
Cherry is pulped, fermented and washed removing all the sticky mucilage. This creates a vibrant, sweet, and clean cup.

Karumandi was named after the many moles that were found in that area. The Baragwi Farmers Cooperative Society processing plant opened its’ doors in 1961. The factory is enroute to the Kemweti Castle where Queen Elizabeth II stayed before Kenya’s independence. This coffee is washed with fresh river water and then sundried on African raised beds. The same water is used for pulping multiple times during the day through a recycling process, enabling them to significantly reduce water consumption.