Kenya | Thirikwa Gakyuini 2018 | Washed

Kenya | Thirikwa Gakyuini 2018 | Washed

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Tasting Notes: Strawberry, pineapple, grapefruit and dark chocolate

Region: Kirinyaga District, Central Province

Varietals: SL28 & 34, Ruiru 11

Processing: Washed Process, Sun-dried 

Altitude: 1,600-1,700 masl Espresso: 1:2.5 Filter: 1:17

The Gakuyuini factory is located in the Kirinyaga District in the Central Province of Kenya and is part of the Thirikwa Cooperative Society. There are about 1,553 small producers with about 674 female members, that produce about 250 tonnes of cherry per season in red volcanic soil.

The Gakuyuini wet mill is located about 130km away from Nairobi. Gakuyuini is represented by five elected management committee members. The farmers hand pick red ripe cherries that are delivered to the wet mill and processed on the same day. Meticulous processing includes sorting the red ripe cherries from the underipes and overipes and sun-drying the coffee. This coffee is amazing, it’s like a big warm hug!