LIMITED | BRAZIL | Fazenda Primavera COE #2 | Geisha | Anaerobic Natural | 100gm Tin

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Notes: Floral, peach, strawberry, guava, orange & silky mouthfeel
Farm: Fazenda Primavera
Producer: Leonardo Montesanto Tavares
Varietal: Geisha
Process: Anaerobic Natural
Relationship: Since 2019
Score: 92.15

Leonardo and his family have a long, rich connection with coffee. A straight up entrepreneur, this young man runs the family business and in 2017 started running Fazenda Primavera, in the Chapada de Minas region of Brazil. In 2018, the farm won the Brazil Cup of Excellence (COE), in the Pulped Natural category, with a Geisha varietal! As Nolan was judging the 2019 Brazil COE, he knew he had to get his hands on this coffee! The rest is now history. 

The farm’s winning traditions demonstrate their capacity to repeat quality standards year after year. Leonardo and his family also run a social project called Coffee Solidarity, which helps children and the elderly through courses in dance, theater, fashion and arts. They also run "Promoting Life and Health in the Field," covering over 100 families and farm workers in the region by providing medical services, nutrition workshops, first aid, and elderly and women’s healthcare.

We are thrilled to have our hands on this anaerobic natural, Geisha from Leonardo! 

How to drink: Just like you wouldn't add soda your best whiskey, this amazing coffee is meant to be drank black with no sugar or cream. 

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