MEXICO Santa Maria Yucuhiti | Washed

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Tasting Notes: Caramel, chocolate fudge, orange, cantaloupe & creamy body
Process: Washed
Varietals: Bourbon, Typica, Mundo Novo

Region: Oaxaca
Recipe: Espresso: 1:2.5     Filter: 1:17

The San Pedro Yosotatu community, a small group of farmers within the Sierra Mixteca co-op were interested in separating their coffee to improve quality of production. With the aim to negotiate a premium price. This is a sub group of about 20-30 farmers that are mostly all women, and led by a woman named Madelina Lopez. Madelina and her group focus on replanting top quality varieties. Planting traditional Bourbon and Typica varieties that are proven in the cup, along with introducing a significant amount of Geisha! This determined group of farmers use full organic practices, like worm composting. Coffee growers in this area had previously "abandoned" their plots to go work as migrant farmworkers in the US, but since 2012-13 started returning permanently and re-investing in their coffee farms and their community. This region is a great example of what improved leadership, incentives and re-investment from a motivated group can do.

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