Nicaragua | Buenos Aires | Maracaturra | 48hr Fermented Natural

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Tasting Notes:
Melon, tropical, milk chocolate, floral and complex

Processing: Natural Anaerobic 48hrs
Coffee is left to dry in its whole fruit for 48 hours in a steel tank without oxygen. This creates greater sweetness, complexity, and a syrupy body

Dipilto, Nueva Segovia 

Varietal: Maracaturra 
A hybrid varietal crossed between Caturra (known for its productivity and balanced flavour) and Maragogipe (a mutation of Typica, lively in acidity. It’s a big bean!)

Welcome to Nicaragua! This is the very first time that we are representing and showcasing micro-lot coffees from Finca Buenos Aires. They are the processing specialists in Nicaragua, focusing on a multitude of coffee varietals and fermentation styles. These methods create some unique cups of coffee. Behind the operation is the passionate Olman Valladarez, who was the Cup of Excellence 1st place winner in 2015, and also placed this year in the 2018 auction! This Maracaturra is the pride and joy of Finca Buenos Aires and it’s a strong representation of the quality from Dipilto, Nueva Segovia.