PANAMA Elida Estate | Cataui | Natural DELUXE EDITION

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Tasting Notes: Cherry, apricot, blackberry & juicy
Farm: Elida Estate
Region: Boquete, Los Naranjos
Varietal: Cataui (red and yellow)
Process: Natural
Recipes: Espresso: 1:2.5  |  Filter: 1:17

Fruity, tangy, winey, delicious! Elida Estate’s Catuai demonstrates the positive effects of climate and terroir. Catuai is known to be a commercially viable varietal. It has a good yield and a solid cup quality. The Catuai grown at Elida Estate is cultivated in rich volcanic soils. The temperatures are low with lots of fog and mist which provide a slow maturation within the coffee cherry. This generates the higher concentration of sugars and complexity in flavors. The coffee trees are surrounded by native virgin cloudy rainforest. Elida’s Catuai is grown within the Volcan Baru National Park at 1300-1400 masl.

It’s a mixture of yellow and red catuai and it’s packed with flavor!

Roasting days: Proud Mary roast Monday-Friday during normal business hours. To ensure freshness of coffee, best to order early in the week as postal services and couriers do not operate on weekends. 

Orders: placed by 8.30am PST will be roasted and dispatched the same day. If you are ordering on a Friday, and order after 8.30am then your coffee will be roasted the following business day - Monday.