RWANDA | Vunga | Washed

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Tasting Notes: Sweet, blanaced, dark chocolate, & malt finish
Region: Nyabihu
Varietal: Bourbon
Process: Washed
Recipes: Espresso: 1:2.5   |   Filter: 1:17

Vunga is a well-known washing station in Rwanda, and has a reputation for producing extremely high-quality coffee. In 2012, Vunga placed 13th in the Rwanda Cup of Excellence and 4th in 2014.

Cooperative members deliver coffee to the station, hand sort, and float the cherry. It is then pulped and washed in the newly constructed serpentine, funded through infrastructure investments from Raw Material (our exporting partner).
Last year, Raw Material paid a premium of $0.35 USD per kilo of milled green coffee to the Vunga cooperative in order to help fund the necessary infrastructure upgrades, totaling 2 million Francs (~$2,400 USD before tax). Vunga post their highest ever profit and have reinvested a total of 6 million Francs from these profits toward the upgrades.
Between premium paid per kilo, and their own reinvestment of profit, Vunga has been able increase their dry storage capacity, build new serpentines, double the number of drying tables and purchase new fermentation tanks.

Roasting days: Proud Mary roast Monday-Friday during normal business hours. To ensure freshness of coffee, best to order early in the week as postal services and couriers do not operate on weekends. 

Orders: placed by 8.30am PST will be roasted and dispatched the same day. If you are ordering on a Friday, and order after 8.30am then your coffee will be roasted the following business day - Monday.