Mum’s Day is here!

Mum’s Day is here and we have everything you need to be a Mother’s Day Legend!

The Mothers Day Brunch Kit (pictured below) is back and ready to cook, assemble and bring the Classics to your house this Sunday. Includes 2 serves ea. of Potato Hash & Ricotta hotcakes and how-to instructions. Available for preorder Fri/Sat/Sun on our Online store and Doordash as we speak.


Delivery Option: Door Dash
Take-Out & Order Ahead: Upserve

The Mum’s Day SPECIAL (pictured above) - Salmon Grain Bowl: Smoked & roasted salmon, wild grains, seasonal veg, umami aioli, cauliflower coconut cream. GF, Vegan upon request. Available ON SUNDAY ONLY via in person, online order or delivery 

FREE drip coffee for all the Mother’s - Mum’s Day Blend on Drip all day.

If you’re really slackin', Mum’s Blend is still available at the Cafe, online or for delivery.  Also our PMC Rollup Cafe is open 7 days a week, and offering a full selection of Meal Kits, coffee and snackies.    

 Do it for all the Mums out out there! 


Hash and Hotcake

Written by Proud Mary